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Cargo Terminal Miniature

$3.50 - $5.50

Meow~ Seems a great place to stay all day long!
My Home Cat just can’t wait to get themselves the best seat.

- Cargo Terminal Miniature Series -
1. Wooden Crate (70x70x71mm)
2. Bottle Tray (Beige) (60x49x38mm)
3. Bottle Tray (Yellow) (60x49x38mm)
4. Pallet (100x80x15mm)
5. Bottle Tray (Red) (55x38x59mm)
6. Bottle Tray (Green) (55x38x59mm)

*Made in Japan

說時遲那時快,我家貓已經急不及待衝過去佔個好位了 !

- 貨物裝卸區微型擺設系列 -
1. 木箱 (70x70x71mm)
2. 汽水盤(杏)(60x49x38mm)
3. 汽水盤(黃)(60x49x38mm)
4. 棧板 (100x80x15mm)
5. 汽水盤(紅)(55x38x59mm)
6. 汽水盤(綠)(55x38x59mm)



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