Miniature - Hachiko the Loyal Dog

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  • Miniature - Hachiko the Loyal Dog

It’s My Home Cat’s pleasure to introduce you Hachikō, the loyal Japanese Akita dog! 💝🐾

Hachikō’s love is so great and remarkable that he continued to wait for his owner at Shibuya Station over 9 years following the owner’s death ! Let’s commemorate him together!

- Let’s bring JAPAN home! -
。Hachiko the Loyal Dog 忠犬八公 (30x35xH70mm)

*Decole デコレ
A well-known zakka brand in Japan that creates miniatures, which gives inspiration to decoration all the time!




- Let’s bring JAPAN home! 把日本帶回家!-
。Hachiko the Loyal Dog 忠犬八公 (30x35x高70mm)

*Decole デコレ


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