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Baby Cloud Soft Plush Keychain Set (10 cm) (5 pcs)


"Hanging" around with Baby Mr. White Cloud.

Introducing the pocket-sized baby soft plush keychains. The pastel colour and fluffy texture make the baby clouds extremely adorable. This collection is perfect for bringing along everyday as a daily accessory or for lovely snaps.

Size: 10 cm tall
*Set of five

鬆軟可愛的 Mr. White Cloud Baby Plush 匙扣。

是可以捧喺手心的軟棉棉 Mr. White Cloud & Friends Baby Plush 系列。柔和的顏色和鬆軟的材質,令 Baby Cloud 看起來更可愛了!匙扣款式,方便大家隨身攜帶或當成掛飾使用。

尺寸:10 cm 高

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