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Mr. White Cloud and Friends - Sitting Together Capsule Toy (Vol. 1)


"Together we sit in Harmony"

Welcome to the delightful world of the "Mr. White Cloud & Friends Sitting Together" mini-series!

This cute capsule toy collection features two volumes, each with 6 unique characters that invite you to embrace serenity and friendship.

Meet Mr. White Cloud, Little Raindrop, Sunny, Nappy Bear, and two Naughty Rabbits in Vol. 1, all crafted in sitting poses to symbolize togetherness and relaxation.

These figures might not have the fine paintwork as regular PVC figures, but their hand-painted details make each one unique and special, perfect for those who love handcrafted items.

[Set Contents]
1 set 6 pcs
Mr. White Cloud, Naughty Rabbit, Little Raindrop, Sunny, Nappy Bear, and Naughty Rabbit (Hands up).




*Due to the nature of hand-painted items, there may be variations between each piece.
*There might be slight variations in coloring. Please be understanding of this when making your purchase.

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