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Townie Froggie


Discover the Enchanting Townie Froggie from twelveDot!

Meet Townie Froggie, a Charming Addition from the APO Frogs Series by Korea's Renowned twelveDot Studio!

Known for capturing the unnoticed beauty in the world, twelveDot's creations are a symphony of simple lines and lush curves. His designer toy series, featuring frogs and newts, is more than just art; it's a movement to change how we see amphibians and to raise awareness about ecological issues. Celebrated globally and honored as the Break-Through Artist at the 2015 Designer Toy Awards, twelveDot's work is a treasure for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Townie Froggie: A Splash of Color and Creativity!
Material: ABS
Texture: Smooth, rubber-coated finish
Size: 5 inches tall
Weight: around 55g

šŸŒ [APO Frogs Series]: A World Where Frogs and Humans Coexist
The APO Frog series by twelveDot is not just a collection of toys; it's a vision of harmony. These frogs, no longer hidden, share our world without fear. By fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of these enchanting creatures, twelveDot aspires to protect amphibians from extinction and, in doing so, safeguard humanity itself.

*Shipment will be around Mid-Feb2024