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Retro Cafe Miniature

$4.90 - $9.90

Retro Tea Party is ON 🕺🎉

Coffee is Free! Super comfortable sofa seats are available. Let's bring RETRO VIBES everywhere!

1. Retro Table (90x70xh36mm)
2. Retro Cup & Plate Set (Cup: 24x 16x h13mm; Plate: DIA. 43x h8mm)
3. Bread Sofa (90x58xh50mm)
4. Retro Chair (42x48xh50mm)
5. Background Cardboard (Background 41x h130mm; Floor 230x113mm)

*Decole デコレ
A well-known zakka brand in Japan that creates miniatures, which gives inspiration to decoration all the time!



1. 復古桌子 (90x70xh36mm)
2. 杯碟套裝 (杯: 24x 16x h13mm; 碟: DIA. 43x h8mm)
3. 麵包梳化 (90x58xh50mm)
4. 復古椅子(42x48xh50mm)
5. 背景卡紙 (Background 41x h130mm; Floor 230x113mm)

*Decole デコレ

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