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Picnic Miniature

$3.90 - $7.90

Summer Vibe! Let’s go picnic and brighten up your day with My Home Cat!

Chilling on the blanket, playing skateboard, enjoying the nature w/ yummy food and friends, it’s just so good! Who else would like to join?

- Picnic Miniature -

1. Fruit Signboard (28x22xH46mm)
2. Reversible Rug (130x83xH4mm)
3. Taiyaki (30x10mm)
4. Sandwiches (37x 25x H13mm)
5. Cream Soda (Dia.25xH40mm)
6. Leisure Sheet (175x90mm)
7. Plate Set (Dia.43xH6mm)
8. Garden Fence (76x22xH44mm)
9. Garden Cart (73x46xH30)
10. Skateboard (56x22xH14mm)
11. Mini Hill (145x80xH20mm)

With the miniatures from Decole デコレ*, let’s have a good time this summer. 💫

*Decole デコレ
A well-known zakka brand in Japan that creates miniatures, which gives inspiration to decoration all the time!



- 微型擺設 - 野餐主題 -

1. 水果門牌 (28x22xH46mm)
2. 雙面地毯 (130x83xH4mm)
3. 鯛魚燒 (30x10mm)
4. 三文治 (37x 25x H13mm)
5. 汽水 (Dia.25xH40mm)
6. 野餐墊 (175x90mm)
7. 餐碟兩件套裝 (Dia.43xH6mm)
8. 花園圍欄 (76x22xH44mm)
9. 花園推車(73x46xH30)
10. 滑板車 (56x22xH14mm)
11. 迷你山丘 (145x80xH20mm)

跟我家貓用治癒又像真的Decole デコレ*小物一起去野餐吧!💫

*Decole デコレ

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