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Tsukimi Miniature

$9.90 - $12.90

This miniature scene features a small arch bridge, a fence with a lantern that glows in the dark, and a moon boat, also with a glowing lantern. It's a simple, peaceful nighttime scene that captures the calm beauty of a moonlit boat ride!

1. Moon Bridge ( 123x58xh45mm)
2. Fence with Lantern (103x28xh60mm)
3. Moon Boat with Lantern (115x50xh26mm)

Material: Polyresin


1. 月見拱橋 (123x58xh45mm)
2. 圍欄附夜光燈籠 (103x28xh60mm)
3. 月見小船附夜光燈籠 (115x50xh26mm)

*Decole デコレ
A well-known zakka brand in Japan that creates miniatures, which gives inspiration to decoration all the time!

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