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Moon Festival Miniature

$4.90 - $8.90

Time spent with loved ones is time well spent. 🕰
My Home Cat are counting down the days to spend some quality time in the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. 🌕✨

- Moon Festival Miniature Series -
1. Bamboo (95x18xH47mm)
2. Chinese Tsuitate (77x20xH87mm)
3. Mooncake (Dia.35xH16mm)
4. Pu-erh Tea (40x27xH28mm)
5. Tsukimi Zenzai (36x33xH22mm)

With the festive miniatures from Decole デコレ*, let’s gather together and enjoy the Moon Festival. 💫


- 月見團圓微型擺設系列 -
1. 青竹竹垣 (95x18xH47mm)
2. 中華屏風 (77x20xH87mm)
3. 中秋月餅 (Dia.35xH16mm)
4. 普洱茶 (40x27xH28mm)
5. 月見紅豆湯 (36x33xH22mm)

用治癒又像真的節日風 Decole デコレ*小物來打造一個與我家貓一同享用的賞月佈置吧!💫

*Decole デコレ
A well-known zakka brand in Japan that creates miniatures, which gives inspiration to decoration all the time!

*Decole デコレ


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