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SOFUBI Collection - Mr. Gray Cloud


The newest addition of Mr. Gray Cloud perfectly illustrates the harmony of being both cool and cute simultaneously. This enigmatic character has made a comeback with a subtly rounded body. The brand-new 2.5 head-to-body ratio and curved belly conjure the cutest vibe ever, without overshadowing his inherently cool persona. Adorned with a scarf, Mr. Gray Cloud is ready to embark on his next adventure.

What distinguishes this edition is its homage to vintage Japanese Sofubi craftsmanship, which is reflected in a glossy surface that evokes a sense of nostalgia. The head and arms are fully rotatable, allowing for easy manipulation to craft your own favorite poses. This SOFUBI figure is designed to be a standout piece in any display.

Height: 11.5 cm tall
Material: PVC
Features: Rotatable head and arms, scarf included for added flair