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SOFUBI Collection - Mr. White Cloud


Mr. White Cloud:
The latest SOFUBI Collection featuring Mr. White Cloud with an even more chubby and adorable appearance. The brand-new 2.5 head-to-body ratio and curved belly have created the cutest vibe ever. Just look at his fluffy and dreamy face! It seems Mr. White Cloud is lost in a blissful daydream.

What sets this edition apart is its tribute to vintage Japanese Sofubi craftsmanship, reflected in a shiny surface that brings a touch of nostalgia. The head and arms are free to rotate, allowing you to easily play with it and craft your own favorite poses. This SOFUBI figure is designed to be the cutest spotlight in any scene.

Height: 11.5 cm tall
Material: PVC
Features: Rotatable head and arms



尺寸: 11.5 cm 高
材質: PVC