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Mr. White Cloud Face Mask - Adults (30 pieces)

$15.20 USD
  • Mr. White Cloud Face Mask - Adults (30 pieces)

Proudly present the Gimans Care x Fluffy House Masks! ☁️🐈
Always protect yourself well with face mask on! 🛡
4 Series (3 for Adults and 1 for Kids (7-14 yr-old))

【 Mr. White Cloud - Pattern (Adult 17.5 cm) ☁️】
3 Styles (10pcs each) in 1 Box
Individual Packs, Made in Hong Kong, USD 15.2

《Mask Specification》
ASTM F2100-19 LEVEL 3
Soft and comfortable earloop
ISO 14644 Ensure Cleanroom Standard
ISO 13485 Quality Management Systems
Non-Toxic Pigments, No Azo formaldehyde / other harmful substances
Made in Hong Kong

*The actual product may vary slightly from images shown.


Gimans Care x Fluffy House 口罩系列可愛登場!
白雲家族與我家貓跟大家一起防疫! ☁️🛡🐈
全系列共4款 - 3款成人及1款中童(適合7至14歲)

【 Mr. White Cloud 成人印花款式 (17.5 cm) ☁️】
一盒三款 (粉紅色,粉藍色,淺灰色)

售價:USD 15.2

ASTM F2100-19 LEVEL 3
ISO 14644 無塵空間
ISO 13485 醫療儀器品質管理系統證書



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Please be aware that deliveries are suspended or delayed in some countries due to Coronavirus.

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