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Ren & Little Buddy

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  • Ren & Little Buddy
  • Ren & Little Buddy
  • Ren & Little Buddy
  • Ren & Little Buddy
  • Ren & Little Buddy

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By Bubi Auyeung


REN is a nature lover since he was a kid and always play in the forest.

Since he climbed a big tree and fell to the ground, he got a memory loss after hitting his head and his head grows bigger, and fortunately a little buddy found him and took good care of him.

Ren has been living in the forest for a very long time after the incident, and the creatures of the forest have become his family now. Meanwhile, Ren and the little buddy also become inseparable good friends.

And this little buddy will be one of the members responsible for raising Treeson.

Material: Vinyl
Size: 13cm tall
Rotating head, arms and shoes
Contain Ren x1 and little buddy x1

REN 阿人從小便喜歡大自然也常常在森林遊玩。



包含 Ren x 1 及 小伙伴 x1


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